Services for corporate

A recognized expertise covering all the needs for Finance and Treasury department

From account structure to banking relationship

You want to optimize your account structure with your banking partners without damaging your relationships?

Our experienced consultants come from banking sector with a perfect knowledge and best practice in accounts structure from corporate in different sector, size or organization. This is why OpenbanQ is able to offer you the best in class and tailor-made solutions to increase efficiency.

Optimize your account structures with your banking partners and check your eligibility to set up virtual accounts.

Rationalize the number of banks, the number of accounts in order to better manage:

  • your incoming and outgoing flows
  • your liquidity with cash pooling structure
  • your excess of cash for better investments
  • your bank charges and benefit from the best offers on the market

Digitize your documents related to administrative relationship with your banks: KYC (Know Your Customer) process, BAM (Bank Account Management), eBAM and management of your bank obligations for delegations and signatures

OpenbanQ supports you in the different phases of this project:

  • Assessment of your banking landscape with assistance in drafting a request for tenders (RFI or RFP), animation of Questions / Answers (Q&A), invitation of banks with the best capabilities in a specific geographical area and assist with the selection of banking partners
  • Audit of your accounts structure in order to verify the adequacy between the existing structure and your real needs in France and abroad.
  • Connecting with other players (FinTechs), more innovative, more agile and cheaper providing disruptive solutions based on new technology or new concepts.

Payable and

OpenbanQ helps you select the best payment and collection tools suited to your needs and your daily activity in B2B, BtoC and E-commerce thanks to Open Banking, DSP2, Open Finance initiatives and the arrival of new players:

  • direct credit ACH, RTGS, Instant Payment, treasury transfer, urgent payment
  • direct debit
  • cheques, Lockbox
  • Request to Pay, hyperlinked payment
  • Card payment with direct credit or direct credit, 
  • A2A (Account to Account)
  • NFC payment,  mobile payment, Alipay, WeChat, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, m-Pos
  • E-wallet, token, CBDC, digital currency, crypto currency
  • International payment, Paypal, Wize, Ripple, SwiftNet gpi, Adyen, Stripe, Klarna…
  • Centralized organization and set up of payment : collection factory POBO-ROBO

OpenbanQ, a recognized experience with payment instruments in France and in other countries assist you in this ambitious project:

  • Analysis and assesment of the payment tools in place
  • Proposals
    • simple solutions (elimination of cheques, better control and visibility with invoices to avoid penalties, faster collection process from your customers, reduction of costs associated with the type of payment, …)
      more complexe solution set up Payment Factory and Internal House Bank)
    • innovatives solutions (instant payment, account to account transfer, token issuance with incorporate smart contract and blockchain…) cheaper solutions, reliable and transparent
    • Production of POC  (Proof Of Concept) from specifications to go live.

Cash pooling and
liquidity management

OpenbanQ assists you to optimize your liquidity and treasury management

  • Set-up cash pooling structure to compensate short term deficits in order to avoid drawing into credit lines
  • Excess cash optimization for better investments with high yield 
  • Study of solutions by country or region to comply with local regulations, legal and fiscal constraints
  • Study of alternatives solutions such as margin pooling, interest enhancement facilities
  • Set up treasury forecast tools
  • Manage with efficiency your working capital requirement by setting up short-term financing (factoring, supply chain program, dynamic discount or other securitization programs).

OpenbanQ, with its in-depth knowledge of market practices, is able to support you in setting up complex cash pooling in France and internationally.

Connectivity and

OpenbanQ supports you to better manage your banking connectivity and card acquiring, card processing:

  • support you with bank-corporate connectivity:
    • implementation, protocole configuration for Ebics, SWIFTNet, Host to host, e-banking,  APIs requests
    • file format management iso 20022 XML, MT, MX
    • management, drafting of service agreement, SLA and other type of contracts
  • Support in the selection of SaaS treasury software and interfacing with banking tool
  • Value proposition within an ecosystem to offer new products or establish new partnerships
  • Projet to create a marketplace, distribute banking services using BaaS (Banking As A Service)
  • Cards support

OpenbanQ supports your digital transformation :

  • to contact your bank in real time and with a real transparency
  • to select the best TMS tool agile, on demand ans SaaS oriented
  • to better distributer your products through dedicated plateforms such as marketplace
  • to offer a card proposal in line with your needs

Digital transformation
Lab Center

At OpenbanQ, we believe that corporate and banks have entered an era of digital transformation based on openness, flexibility, agility and real time.

OpenbanQ supports your digital transformation:

  • to optimize your process
  • to improve customer and user experience
  • to analyse, create and develop new business models
  • to create added value in order to concentrate in your core business 

OpenbanQ organize inter-exchange forum to:

  • accelerate innovation and competitivity 
  • create partnerships with start-ups and other key players
  • prospect and test new products and services to accelerate time to market (from Minimal Viable Product to Scale up)
  • Create independant structure – innovation fund such SPV (Special Purpose Vehicule) to ensure ad hoc gouvernance 
  • to communicate in an innovative way internally and externally

Trade Finance and
Supply Chain

OpenbanQ support you to streamline your international transactions:

  • management of your banking pool and financing related to your international transactions
  • improvement internal process (paperless, digitization, electronic signature…)
  • assesment, integration, onboarding in a secure way in marketplace to streamilne your workflow (data exchange, compliance, KYC, AML) and Data Management (data reconciliation to pre-authorize financing or differed payment
  • participation to digital initiatives related to documents (such as B/L with Bahrain, Singapore and Abu Dhabi jurisdiction)
  • creation of a new ecosystem with the possibility to establish links between financial institutions and third parties in order to offer new services, new business models (insurtech, fintech to outsource non-core functions) which will bring value
  • involvement in ESG value such as climat, green, social and responsable governance
  • involvement in the treacability of goods with adoption and implementation of IOT (Internet of things) and connected objects
  • assesment of new technology, such as Blockchain, DLT, Defi

OpenbanQ is partnering with ICC and collaborate on the task force dedicated to digitization of the trade finance

Services for banks

+20 years in banking sectors to satisfy your needs in the digital transformation

Product, Offer and
Proposal Management

Facing growing, fierce competition and historically low rates, banks must find new sources of revenues and create new business models. OpenbanQ supports your projects to expand your range of innovative products and services around cash management, payable/receivable, trade finance and connectivity tools between banks and customers

OpenbanQ helps you design an offer adapted to your markets in France, in Europe and other countries with a perfect knowledge of:

  •  file formats in local country
  • local market regulations and practices
  • innovations bring by technologies (API, Distributed Ledger, AI, Machine Learning, blockchain) 

OpenbanQ also support you to define an appropriate offer and proposal to address the needs of your customers by proposing:

  • benchmark, watch market, competition analysis to better position your commercial offer
  • questionnaires to measure adequation between marketing offer and real expectations of the market
  • tools for banks to better communicate with their customers
  • partnership with fintech to improve customer journey and user experience
  • build use cases to create added value and consequently generate additional revenues


With its strong experience in management of complex projects, OpenbanQ assist banks in their digital transformation journey to be more agile from account opening, internal process simplification in cash management, trade finance, liquidity management and communication tools.

OpenbanQ helps you for various missions :

  • project management with metier expertise from collection of the needs, specifications, unitary test, batchs, interfacing with other tools
  • RFP (Request For Proposal) to select a back office/ front end or any other tools (reporting, risk, revenues…)
  • project manager to deploy or migrate any systems
  • implementation manager
  • intégration manager to connect payment factory, cards, clearing houses
  •  implémentation and intégration project manager for connectivity (Swiftnet, Ebics, Host to host, e-banking)
  • change management

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